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We combined both Terra and Melissa’s review of the Bellaluna Cosmetic polishes.


Amethyst Dream is the second of two Bella Lunas that I tried. The formula on this one is much better than Aquamarine Queen. The photos below show two coats and they leveled off much nicer than the creamy polish. The finish of Amethyst Dream is a gorgeous, deep eggplant purple with micro holographic glitter throughout. You can really see it in the macro shot.

Amethyst Dream is part of Bella Luna’s Birthstone collection.

amethyst dream

amethyst dream macro


Bellaluna Cosmetics is a fairly new indie brand.  I grabbed a few of a ‘Disney’ collection polishes (they weren’t actual Disney polishes but based on the movies) and a couple others that were not part of a collection. All but one were mini bottles (more on this later).

I See The Light is a really pretty pink with flakies.  I am a pink lover so I was really drawn to this colour.  I really wanted to love this polish but the formula was impossible.  I tried applying it three different times and just couldn’t get it to work for me.  It’s too bad because the colour is so beautiful and feminine.



In this picture, you can really see the trouble I had with this polish.  This was two coats with a top coat.  I wondered if it were me, but, I honestly just feel like the formula was off.


A Part of Your World is a nice, light aqua colour with silver shimmer.  Like I See the Light, I found the formula off on this one, too.  Not as thick and hard to spread but not smooth at all.  I really had to work to get this polish to apply.


Off To Neverland is a teal jelly packed with gold glitter and shards.  This polish was really unique.  The shards really make the polish stand out.  The formula on this one was the best of the bunch.  I used two coats over the blue to get this look.



Cave of Wonders is another jelly glitter polish. It’s a blurple with gold and teal glitters of different shapes and sizes.  I wore this one over a b.i.t.c.h. by Jaclyn creme and the weirdest thing happened.  It melted the base polish!  If you look closely at the picture, you can see the blue creme is mixed in with the jelly.  I tried the b.i.t.c.h. by Jaclyn with another glitter topper (a Lynnderella) to see if it were the base or topper and I am pretty sure it was the topper. Sad.  Other than that, it’s really pretty and I found it easy to apply.



Glistening Snow is the polish that isn’t part of the collection and I got this one in the full size bottle.  Of all the polishes, it was the best. It’s a light blue with silver shimmer.  Glistening Snow is a perfect name for this polish. It was a little sheer after three coats and dried to a slightly matte finish.  I added a shiny topcoat.



Overall impressions – I want to love this brand.  The colours are very unique, which isn’t easy to do these days with the saturation of the indie market.  Samantha (the maker) really loves her polish and you can’t help but want her to do really well.  The full size bottle was easy to work with.  I prefer a clear label over the silver one, but that’s strictly aesthetic.  When I contacted Samantha to discuss the formula issues I was having, she mentioned that I was the first to experience difficulty and suggested that it was possible that it was because I had the mini bottles. It’s possible.  The brush is very short and the bottle very small.  I have used other mini polishes without issue before but that doesn’t mean it didn’t contribute to the difficulty I was having.  I guess I would need to buy the full size ones to compare.  Bellaluna Cosmetics just released a new Bohemian Collection at her etsy store.  There are a bunch of new, unique polishes in the collection to check out.

Bellaluna Cosmetics can be bought at https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/BellalunaCosmetics.

~ Melissa

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