*Disclosure – Polish was provided by the maker in exchange for photography and an honest review*

As promised today I follow Melissa’s review with Idle Mind and Out Cold from Echoes Polish Chromatose Collection. My first impressions were great. The shipping was very fast and the packaging was good. The bottles are round with a nice short wand with a good sized brush.

I have never used a thermal polish before so these were very neat for me! Idle Mind is a very pretty deep pink colour when cool and shifts to a metallic silver when warm.

This polish applied very nicely in one, even coat. I was quite surprised actually as I wasn’t expecting these thermals to be one coaters, but the photos below show one coat of this beauty plus top coat. Without top coat this polish does have a bit of a texture to it and it dried to a more satin finish so the top coat shined that right up. These are daylight photos on a gloomy cloudy day.

After a dip in cold water:

idle mind cool

After a dip in warm water:

idle mind warm

Shifting gradually back to cool:

idle mind in between

Next up for me is Out Cold. This one wasn’t quite a one coater, I found the formula a bit thinner than Idle Mind so the photos below show two coats of polish plus top coat. Similar to Idle Mind the polish dried a bit textured and with a more satin finish so I topped this with a shiny top coat.

After a dip in cold water:

out cold cool

After a dip in warm water:

out cold warm

Shifting gradually back to cool:

out cold in between

Like Melissa, I was quite happy with these polishes and of the two I’d say Idle Mind is my favourite! I also love that it’s a Canadian brand – as a Canadian blog I think it’s neat for us to support other Canucks. And to echo yesterday’s post again, paying in Canadian dollars is definitely a HUGE bonus. These are listed for $10CAD, which is a great price for an indie polish. I’m already making my shopping list for more fun thermals from these gals.

Echoes Polish and the Chromatose Collection (they released Monday!) can be found here. They are also on Facebook and on Instagram.

~ Terra

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