There was a lot of chatter about OPI’s new Couture Minnie Mouse collection by all of us polish lovers.  The moment they became available on Nail Polish Canada, I grabbed the mini set.  I couldn’t resist.  A mini set of Minnies?  The pun was draw in and of itself.

Chic From Ears To Tail is a Barbie-pink creme with subtle shimmer.  Emphasis on subtle.  It’s not at all visible inside and you have to look very closely outside to see it as well.  The real disappointment for me is with the formula.  It took four coats in order to even out the bald spots and dragging.  I thought the first time I wore this colour, it was my application, but when the same thing happened again, I knew it was a formula issue.

The colour is beautiful, though.  It looks nice with my tanned (for me) hands.  It really is a shame about the application.

~ Melissa

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