Water marbling is a bit addictive and once you get the hang of it – it goes much faster and much smoother. Especially with some tips and tricks!

One thing that has helped me is using liquid latex on the fingers that I dip into the water. Talk about fast, easy removal! Don’t spend a fortune on nail specific latex, though. Head over to your local Sally Beauty Supply and buy a $2.50 bottle of Super Bond Professional Hair Glue.

Hair Glue

Take an old bottle of polish you aren’t using or have used up (I used a SH top coat that I hadn’t used in years.) Empty that bottle out, clean it with acetone and let the brush and bottle dry completely. Pour the hair glue into the bottle and – ta da! You have liquid latex that is super easy to apply to your fingers. Fair warning, the stuff is fairly stinky. I did this water marble outside 😉

I used the hair glue for the below nail art and didn’t have to do any other clean up – you can see how nice and clean my ring finger is! And I removed the excess in about 3 seconds. SO EASY! The polishes used in this mani are Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear Coral Reef, Mellow Yellow and the original formula Pacific Blue. The finished product was very summery, fun and almost psychedelic looking!

nail art water marble

Another couple tips that have helped us get better at marbling – wiping your mixing tool after each swipe and room temperature water.  By wiping your tool, polish doesn’t gather on it and then pull the polish and drag it in the water.  It has helped to get the design I was looking for by doing that.  I also put filtered water into a red solo cup about an hour or so before I start my marble.  Cold water dries the polish too quickly and warm water spreads the polish too thin.

Have you had success with the water marble technique?  Add any of your tips in the comments below.  We’d love to hear from you.

~ Terra

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