I debated posting this review.  It’s of a One of a Kind b.i.t.c.h. by Jaclyn (back when it was Pretty Bitch Polish) that was auctioned off for charity.  There were a few of them out there floating around and I have managed to grab two of them on the secondary market.  Y’all know my love of some Bitches 😉  I debated posting it because, well, it’s one of a kind.  Usually when I review something, it’s to share my love and to encourage you to try it for yourself (or not, if I don’t like it).  While I LOVE this Bitch, it isn’t available anywhere.  However, I *did* share this picture in the fan group for BbJ and the response was enough that Jac is considering bringing a similar one back for a future restock.

OOAK is a very light lilac holo.  And when I say holo, I mean HOLO!!!!!!!! These pictures were taken in the middle of the afternoon on a rainy day in my kitchen.  Can you imagine what it would look like under the sun?!  Blinding!

I added a couple accent fingers of Lynnderella’s Diamonds for Lavender on the second day, just so I could wear it for two days (which I very rarely do).

While this OOAK isn’t available, you can find some beautiful polishes on www.bitchbyJaclyn.com.





~ Melissa

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