When Queen Bitch was released last year, I passed it over because I felt that I had enough pinks (I know, right!).  When a friend posted it in the BbJ Collectors fan group on Facebook, I knew I had made a mistake and ordered it as soon as I saw it.  Thank goodness I did!  It’s been sold out for a while now, though Jac has said that she is planning to restock it in the near future.

Queen Bitch is a berry pink holo.  On it’s own, it’s very pretty.  But it’s the details of the polish that really have it in the top 10 of my favourite Bitches.  There are tiny pink and magenta flecks with pink shimmer.  Swoon!  I used two coats of this polish but probably could have gotten away with one.

This picture was taken at around 7am in the shade.  It is leaning a touch cooler and the macro shot is the one that best represents the true colour of this polish.


Here you can really see the details of this polish.  The pictures really don’t do it any justice.



b.i.t.c.h. by Jaclyn can be found at www.bitchbyJaclyn.com.  Keep your eyes open for the return of this one. It’s worth the wait.

~ Melissa

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