Another Fair Maiden polish for you guys today.  I was slow to warm up to this brand but it’s won my heart.  I told myself I just didn’t need another brand to buy from but swatch after swatch was killing me, so I’m all in and pick up the ones I love at every new release.

Lake Nokomis is a blueish sea foam green with pink shimmer.  The shimmer honestly makes this polish special.  As you can see from the macro of the bottle shot, it’s subtle but there.  And perfect.  Like the other FMs I’ve reviewed before this one, I needed three coats for opacity.  Now that I know that, I haven’t had any issues with application and I actually find the polish very solid.  It feels like it could wear for days without chips or wear.  It’s hard for me to say, though, since I change my polish so often.

Fair Maidens can be found at


~ Melissa

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