If you are a nail polish addict deep into the world of Indie polishes a holographic drugstore polish probably isn’t even on your radar. But for the casual nail polish junkie you may have seen the L’Oreal Dark Sides of Grey collection and noticed a stand out: Masked Affair. I’ve borrowed a swatch from The Mercurial Magpie to show you just how lovely this polish is.

Mercurial Magpie Swatch

Look at the prettiness! It’s an absolutely gorgeous polish, especially for something found in the local drugstore. Except – if you’re Canadian you will not find this in your local drugstore. Masked Affair is only part of the US Dark Sides of Grey collection. If you follow L’Oreal Paris on Facebook you will see many Canadian polish buyers asking why we can’t find Masked Affair in stores. I was one of these people: scouring every Shoppers in a 20km radius looking for this one. Finally I posted and asked what the nut was going on – surely it wasn’t sold out everywhere already!

L’Oreal Paris responded saying that Masked Affair is going to be released in Canada under a different name: Do Not Disturb (891). Okay – this I can work with. So back to Shoppers I go and HUZZUH! I see the display. Teeny, tiny bottles, though. Only 5mL of polish in these puppies. TINY! I look at the display and spot it! It’s hard to read in the picture, but the display had all the polishes listed: aux chandelles (wax), totally d’accord (spiky), madamoiselle grey (latex), do not disturb (spiky), power potion (latex), secret wish (metallic) and masque lover (granite.)


The brackets are the type of finish of the polish. WTF is spiky you ask? L’Oreal responded to inquiries of the spiky finish on their FB page:

Spiky Finish is just to give you an idea of the finish the nail polish will provide. In this case, the look is more dimensional due to the glitter in the formula.

Well, L’Oreal. First you told us that Do Not Disturb would be the same as Masked Affair, which is very clearly a holographic polish. Now you’re telling me that this ‘spiky’ glittered, textured polish is the same. Except when you actually pick up the bottle and look at it closely it’s not even called Do Not Disturb. The bottle number is 891, which you can see in the photo above is supposed to be Do Not Disturb, it’s even labelled that way on the display. But guess what??? That’s not what the bottle says!

noir whisperer

Check it out – a bit out of focus but the bottle numbered 891 is actually called Noir Whisperer. Riddle me this, L’Oreal! They responded multiple times on their page saying Do Not Disturb and Masked Affair are the same and now every display I see has this Spiky Glitter Noir Whisperer in the Do Not Disturb spot. Here is what L’Oreal had to say about that:

The name on the packaging (Noir Whisper) [sic] is just another name that was used in another country, but it is, in fact, Do Not Disturb. Again, we apologize for the confusion!

No, L’Oreal. It’s not the same. I can’t show you a swatch because I refused to purchase a bottle of this spiky glittery polish but here is the bottle shot from L’Oreal’s own website:

noir whisperer1

You can keep telling Canadians that this polish is the same as the Masked Affair that was released in the US, but it’s not. It just is not. I’m not sure whose bright idea it was to release the same collection in two neighbouring countries with completely different polishes but that seems like a very poor business decision – and why are the bottles in Canada so small? 5ml of polish is typically what OPI puts in their minis.

There is quite the market out there on eBay, Storenvy and other after market sites where Canadians can get their hands on the Masked Affair polish, but be prepared to pay a premium.

Gotta say my impressions of L’Oreal Paris after all this are a bit jaded. Just think of the sales you’re missing out on, L’Oreal, it makes absolutely no sense to me.

If you’re after a bottle of Masked Affair then all I can say to you is good luck!

~ Terra

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