Anyone who’s known me for any length of time knows that I love the dark colours. Vampy reds, rich purples, blackened… oh, anything, and I’m in nail polish heaven. But in the summer, you just have to have the pretty brights, too. And while my heart belongs to my dark colours, I do have a soft spot for some light summery colours.

China Glaze’s For Audrey became my newest light colour love and I’m really wondering how I avoided adding this to my considerable stash sooner. I’m part of a nail polish swap and last week I got the big box of polish and swapped out a few. This polish was one of my picks. For Audrey has been reviewed a multitude of times but I’ll add my voice anyway. The colour is fantastic. Almost the perfect Tiffany blue. A rich creamy colour with a great glossy shine – though I added my beloved Cult Nails Wicked Fast top coat to it anyway, of course. This is such a great summer colour, I’ve gotten several compliments on it today already. My only complaint was the application, I found the formula a bit tricky to work with. It was streaky on the first coat and I really needed three coats to even out a few draggy spots. But it was so worth it!

I paired it with an accent nail of the ridiculously hard to find Absolutely Alice by OPI. How I stumbled across that polish (and Mad as a Hatter!!) is another story but I’m so glad it did. The sparkle is amazing!

And finally, I received Cirque’s Iris in the mail and was twitching to try it out, which is how it ended up over For Audrey on my thumb. I’ll have to do a post on it sometime since photographing it on such a light colour was… well, it didn’t work out so well. It’s a gorgeous little topcoat though, adding a stunning rainbow shimmer to any polish.

All in all, I’m really happy I picked For Audrey from the swap box. It’s definitely going to be a summer staple for me!

~ Melissa

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