Facebook has just fuelled my obsession with anything nail polish.  Because not a lot of people in my real life share this passion, I have joined a ton of polish lover groups on Facebook where I can chat about all things polish related without judgement.  Some indie brands cater to their fans by offering polishes that are custom made for group members.

eat.sleep.polish is one of those indie brands and You Can’t Sit With Us is one of those custom polishes.  I know it’s probably unkind to feature a polish that is hard to get your hands on, but it is just too pretty not to share.  YCSWU alludes to the Mean Girls movie and there is a running joke in the group that I am a member of about that movie.  It’s a beautiful deep teal with a strong holo finish.  I did find that the polish chipped after a day of wear, but I am hard on my hands

This is my first eat.sleep.polish and I am interested in trying others for comparison.



~ Melissa

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