Hello! My name is Terra and I’m a self professed polish addict. I’ve never met a purple polish that I did not like. I will wear almost every colour, but I definitely have colours that are pedicure exclusive. My go to brand is almost always OPI. I love their formula, their brush and I love that they have such a large collection of colours – I always seem to find at least one or two that I must have out of every collection. Deborah Lippmann is also fast becoming my other go to brand, although her polishes are more of a splurge!

Picking a favourite colour out of my polish collection is no easy feat. I’ve narrowed my post down to one. And let’s just call it my favourite of the day!

I was incredibly lucky to stumble upon OPI’s Parlez-Vous OPI after I had a pedicure done at a small downtown salon in Calgary. I was paying for my pedi and happened to glance over at the polish displays. I noticed they still had the OPI La Collection De France display up. This is a 2008 collection, so it is not new and many of the colours have (sadly) been discontinued. One of the discontinued colours is Parlez Vous OPI so I was gobsmacked to see it sitting on the shelf. I bought it without hesitation. I know how hard it is to find this colour so I’m being a bit of a tease for reviewing it. But keep your eyes peeled in small salons and maybe you’ll luck out like I did!

Parlez-Vous OPI is a dusty mid purple creme with no sparkle but it has high shine. The application is a dream and it’s very close to opaque in one coat. In my opinion this was the best shade from the French collection and I am so sad that OPI kept around a few of the other colours but not this one. This polish is right in my comfort zone, a perfect pretty purple that I would wear in any season but it’s likely more geared toward the Fall and Winter months.

My Lacquer Cabinet - Parlez Vous OPI

My Lacquer Cabinet - Parlez Vous OPI



~ Melissa

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