Well, it’s no secret that the ladies at MLC.com love b.i.t.c.h by Jaclyn polishes. (Formerly Pretty Bitch.) I picked up a couple of the glitters over the summer because I just can’t say no to sparkle! I also can’t get enough of the naughty names of these polishes. How do you tell someone you’re wearing Dildo on your fingers!!!

The application of Dildo is a bit meh for me. The below pictures show two coats of polish plus a top coat and you can see it’s still a bit patchy. I wish that it was a bit more opaque in the two coats. Dildo has a great, shiny pink finish that shimmers and shines, though. The colour is great.

You can purchase b.i.t.c.h by Jaclyn polishes direct from Jaclyn at www.bitchbyjaclyn.com.



~ Terra

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