I have to thank our lovely Melissa and Lorie for bringing this fantastic brand to my attention.  I ordered with her last restock and fell completely head over heels.  So I knew that I had to get my hands on more at her next restock.

Popped is an absolutely gorgeous red creme. Application, like all Pretty Bitch polishes was flawless.  One coat and there was visible nail line, completely opaque after two coats. Fucking Pretty is a gorgeous charcoal based micro-holographic glitter.

It applied evenly with no issues whatsoever.  Shown is two coats over popped. Pretty Bitch has very quickly become my new favourite brand.  The owner of the company is so lovely and it’s easy to see that she takes pride in her product. You can purchase Pretty Bitch Polish directly at http://www.prettybitchpolish.com/products.


~ Terra

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