A while ago, Sarey over at Chaos and Crocodiles did a preorder on her Secret Agent collection and I… well, I lost my mind just a tiny bit. I was actually proud of myself that I only ordered six of the collection and not all ten of them. And then, of course, I had to wait, the only downside of preorders, the waiting! When they arrived, I couldn’t unwrap them fast enough and then I was faced with the true dilemma. What do I put on first?

Obviously Reconnaissance won. I may have a small purple problem so I let my love for purple polish make the decision for me. And wow! The picture doesn’t really do the amount of holo in this polish credit! It is just stunning!

The formula was beautiful. Easy to apply, fully opaque in two coats, and dried quickly. And the holo! LOVE! I can’t wait to try the rest of the collection!

Sarey announced she’ll be releasing the collection again today!! August 14th at 3pm EDT so head on over to her site and snag yourself a few of them! But be prepared to move fast!


~ Terra

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