Harlow & Co. is a Canadian nail polish e-tailer.  I am new to using it but the three times I have so far have been fantastic customer service experiences.  They specialize in mostly indies, which is where I’ve been putting my nail polish dollars lately.

Colors by Llarowe teamed up with the people at Harlow and created two exclusive colours that would be released just through their site.  They are based on a video game (Bioshock) and are a peachy-pink called Bring Us the Girl and a medium blue, Rapture (watch for this review soon).

Bring Us the Girl is a pink that leaned very peachy on me.  Too much for my liking.  I found that it really brought out the yellow in my skin.  The formula was amazing – it went on like butter.  And the holo? Oh, the holo.  I really wanted to love this nail polish.  I love anything that is an exclusive and am a sucker especially when it’s released only in Canada.  Sadly, this polish just didn’t live up to my expectations.



~ Melissa

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