Cirque Vesuvius is a deep pink, red toned holographic polish.  This is my first experience with Cirque and I’m left with very mixed feelings.

The colour of this polish is beautiful on its own but when the light hits it and you see the rainbow holo…Wow!  It’s absolutely gorgeous.  Dry time with the polish was quite quick, which was nice as well.

Sadly, that’s about where the positives of this polish end.  Application wasn’t near as smooth as other holo polishes I’ve tried.  I had dragging issues on the first average coat.  For the second coat, I applied a thick coat which went on the nail nicer but was messier.  Application was frustrating and I was ready to write this polish off as bad but it dried so beautifully that the frustration seemed worth it.  Those feelings quickly dissolved when the polish chipped the first night.  Touch up was easy and I hoped I had just been particularly hard on my nails that evening, but the chips continued.

Overall, this polish is a lovely colour and the holo is fantastic however, I would recommend you save yourself some money and frustration and opt for a Color Club holo instead.  Color Club holos are just as beautiful for less cost and have far better lasting power and wear.  This was the first of two Cirque polishes that I ordered from Nail Polish Canada.  I hope to have better luck with the second bottle.



~ Melissa

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