I am a collector of Black Label/HTF OPIs.  I get a satisfaction from hunting them down and killing the lemmings. Black Tie Optional is one of those polishes.

However, sometimes the thrill of the chase is better than the end product.  While the colour is nice and vampy, I have a half dozen polishes that do the exact same thing with better formula.  Black Tie Optional is a dark burgundy/purple with a lit from within gold/bronze shimmer.  Every Month Is Oktoberfest or Black Cherry Chutney could both satisfy the need for this polish without the price tag that comes along with HTF polishes.  The formula was thin, being a black label and it took forever to dry, even with my Glisten and Glow’s HK Girl topcoat.

I’m glad I own it but it isn’t a necessity for casual collectors.

DSC01758 Shade

DSC01759 Sunlight

~ Melissa

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