Ah….yes! another lemming from my list that has finally kicked the bucket.

You could make an argument that all of the NerdLacquer polishes are HTF. Prior to the end of last year, the maker hadn’t mixed any polishes in quite a while and had largely vanished off the polish scene. However, some of the polishes are harder to get your hands on than others. And Batcave is one of those since it was an exclusive produced for Harlowe and Co.

This is a great polish if you love some glitter. A black jelly polish with small silver glitter in it and blue holographic hexes that flash all over the colour spectrum. Oh, and some black squares thrown in for good measure. The result is a dark sparkly gorgeous polish that you can’t help but watch sparkle. I will say that I couldn’t really get the black squares to stand out much but I really don’t care. Everything else is there and looks great. It did take three coats to reach opacity which didn’t really surprise me since it’s a jelly polish. But it was an easy polish to work with and I didn’t have any troubles.

The accent finger for this mani was Girly Bits’ A Stripper has been Sleeping in my Bed. A glitter polish in a clear base that’s so loaded with glitter it easily builds up to opacity and has insane levels of sparkle.


~ Terra

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