It can be so frustrating to see swatches of a polish and realize that you -must- have it! Only to find that it’s one of those Hard to Find polishes. This problem is only compounded when the HTF polish is an indie polish since they don’t produce the same kind of volume as, for example, OPI.

The solution? Start hunting. I have a small list with a few HTF polishes on it and today’s polish is one that was on that list for a good long while.

Naughty Night Shift Nurse by Pretty Serious was a one off polish that had a small (only 100 bottles) re-release a while back. I have been lemming after this polish for a long time now. But I did not get my bottle during that re-release because if you blinked, it was gone. No, I bought mine from another polish enthusiast who decided to let hers go.

This polish is gorgeous First of all, you have to wear this polish over a black (or another dark polish) base. If you try to build it up to opacity on its own, you will likely be disappointed. It was made specifically to be worn over a black base. When you do that? Bam. Magic! A multichrome shift from red to purple to blue. With blue shimmer and colour shifting flakies too. This is just one stunning polish and I’m so glad to have killed this lemming.

~ Terra

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