Another fun very Easter appropriate manicure! OPI Fly is my favourite colour from the Nikki Minaj collection that was released in 2012.  It has since been discontinued (I believe it has to do with royalties) which is really a shame.

Fly is a teal creme.  It’s not spectacularly unique but it has just enough of a hint of dustiness that I don’t have any dupes.  It leans a touch green on my skin tone.  The polish is a one coater with careful application.

I’ve always been a fan of teal and white together and when I got some nail vinyls last week, this is the colour combination that popped into my head.  I used OPI Alpine Snow over the vinyls and was pleased with how it turned out.  There was some slight bleeding of the white but the camera picked it up more than it is visible to the naked eye.  I’m not such a fan of nail art, but this was fun for a couple days.

DSC01712 (flash)

DSC01718 (no flash)

~ Melissa

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