Without really meaning to, I ended up with several of the 2013 Fall collection from Pahlish.  I have always liked Fall/Winter colours much more than summer colours, so when I was introduced to this brand those were the colours I gravitated towards.

El Topo Petit is a mushroom-y taupe that has red microshimmer and copper micro flakies.  Pahlish really uses a lot of flakies in their polishes and before this, I would have said I wasn’t a fan.  But they are used to perfectly in the polish that it never strikes me overbearing or kitschy. It’s conservative enough for office wear blended with a subtle interesting twist. And, again, I find that neutrals really are the most flattering colours for my skin.

As with a couple other of the Pahlish polishes that I own, I found the formula a touch on the thick side.  I used a couple drops of Seche Restore and the consistency was perfect from there.





~ Melissa

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