About Us

We started this blog as a shared blog between a bunch of Canadian women who met on a wedding planning forum and shared a love of nail polish.  Over the years, the others have moved on and just Terra and I (Melissa) remain.  You never know, though!  Maybe the originals will come by again some day for feature reviews 🙂

Melissa – I live in the Arctic.  Nail polish is my bit of colour in a sea of white.  I have a husband who pretends to hate my hobby but really doesn’t.  I am an elementary school teacher whose students can’t wait to share their manis with.  I have two cats – Asha (a tuxedo) and Isis (a bengal)who sit and watch as I swatch. I love TV shows on Netflix or Blu-Ray, Diet Pepsi, and bath products.

Terra – I live in Calgary with my husband, my daughter, and cat.  I love hockey, purple, and sparkle (not necessarily in that order).  My favourite bottle in my other cabinet is a crisp, white Pinot Gringo.